The mission of Hays Innovations is to develop and market innovative technologies to solve problems associated with new medical devices and procedures.

Mission Statement

Founded by physician innovators, we at Hays Innovations understand the missteps, which occur frequently when trying to bring a good idea from the drafting table to the patient’s bedside. We believe in the importance of bridging the gap between engineers and physicians, and are dedicated to that purpose



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HAYS INNOVATIONSis a  physician, veteran, & minority - owned company which specializes in the innovation of medical devices.   Our current effort is the development, production and distribution of the Anchor Sound TMdevice which is an add-on to the current standard sterile ultrasound probe cover kit.  The device allows a covered probe to be anchored to the sterile field.

is a Michigan Corporation founded  in 2004 and is now doing business as HAYS INNOVATIONS since April, 2015.  The administrative, storage, and distribution facility is located in Toledo, Ohio.

Drs. Gregory and Julia Hays are both Emergency Medicine Physicians practicing in academic, teaching institutions for over 20 years each..  Dr. Gregory Hays has an extensive research background, bedside ultrasound teaching credentials, and multiple intellectual properties.  Dr.  Julia Hays is certified in Pediatrics and Emergency Medicine and has experience in performing and teaching Point of Care Ultrasound. 

The company is launching its first medical innovation: Anchor SoundTM.    The Anchor Sound TM  device is a practically useful and simply designed unit which secures ultrasound probes to the sterile field during Point Of Care UltraSound (POCUS) guided procedures.